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(*Dr. Li is the corresponding author)

(Dr. Li’s students and postdocs at JHU)

Journal Articles submitted

  1. Fu Q, *Li C, Robotic snake traversing large obstacles reveals stability benefits of body compliance, in review
  2. Han Y, Wang Y, Hsu C-C, de la Tijera Obert R, Francois E, *Li C, Shape-modulated obstacle attraction and repulsion during dynamic locomotion, submitted

Journal Articles

  1. *Li C, Wöhrl T, Lam HK, Full RJ (2019), Cockroaches use diverse strategies to self-right on the ground, Journal of Experimental Biology, 222, jeb186080, PDF
  2. Gart SW, Mitchel TW, *Li C (2019). Snakes partition their body to traverse large steps stably, Journal of Experimental Biology, 222, jeb185991 PDF
  3. Gart SW, Yan C, Othayoth R, Ren Z, *Li C (2018). Dynamic traversal of large gaps by insects and legged robots reveals a template, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 13, 026006 PDF
  4. Gart SW, *Li C (2018). Body-terrain interaction affects large bump traversal of insects and legged robots, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 13, 026005 PDF
  5. *Li C, Kessens CC, Fearing RS, Full RJ (2017). Mechanical principles of dynamic terrestrial self-righting using wings, Advanced Robotics, 31, 881-900 (Invited Paper; Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award, 4 awarded out of 96) PDF
  6. Aguilar J, Zhang T, Qian F, Kingsbury M, McInroe B, Mazouchova N, Li C, Maladen RD, Gong C, Travers M, Hatton RL, Choset H, Umbanhowar PB, Goldman DI (2016) A review on locomotion robophysics: The study of movement at the intersection of robotics, soft matter and dynamical systems, Reports on Progress in Physics, 79, 110001 PDF
  7. *Li C, Pullin AO, Haldane DW, Lam HK, Fearing RS, Full RJ (2015). Terradynamically streamlined shapes in animals and robots enhances traversability through densely cluttered terrain, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 10, 046003 (B&B Highlights of 2015) PDF
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Conference Papers (Full-length, Peer-reviewed)

  1. *Li C, Kessens CC, Young A, Fearing RS, Full RJ (2016). Cockroach-inspired winged robot reveals principles of ground-based dynamic self-righting, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2128-2134 (Highlight Paper of IROS 2016, 20 selected from 840) Video PDF
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  4. Qian F, Zhang T, Li C, Masarati, P, Hoover AM, Birkmeyer P, Pullin A, Fearing RS, Goldman DI (2012). Walking and running on yielding and fluidizing ground, Robotics: Science & Systems (Best Student Paper at RSS 2012) PDF
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  6. Li C, Hoover AM, Birkmeyer P, Umbanhowar PB, Fearing RS, Goldman DI (2010). Systematic study of the performance of small robots on controlled laboratory substrates, Proceedings of SPIE, 7679, 1-13 (Invited Paper) PDF


  • Li C (2011). Biological, robotic, and physics studies to discover principles of legged locomotion on granular media, Doctoral Dissertation, Georgia Institute of Technology PDF

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