Principal Investigator

Chen Li

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Member, Laboratory for Computational Sensing & Robotics

Whiting School of Engineering

Johns Hopkins University

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• Miller Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, 2012-2015

• Ph.D. Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011

• B.S. Physics, Peking University, China, 2005

• Awards & Honors: BYI, ARO YIP, BWF CASI, Miller, Full list

• Paper Awards: 1 Best Paper (Adv Rob); 2 Highlight Papers (Bioinsp Biom, IROS); 2 Best Student Papers (RSS, SICB), 1 Outstanding Paper finalist (ICRA), 5 Best Student Paper finalists (SICB)


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PhD Students

Yaqing Wang

ME, 08/2019-present

B.E. ME 2019, Tsinghua Univ., China

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Divya Ramesh

ME, 09/2019-present

M.S.E. EE 2019, UPenn

B.Tech. ECE 2017, VIT Univ., Vellore, India

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Eugene Lin

ME, 09/2020-present

B.S. ME 2020, UCSD

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Gargi Sadalgekar

ME, 6/2023-present

M.S.E. ME, 2023, JHU

B.S.E MAE 2021, Princeton

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Master Students

Zheyu Zhou

ME, 03/2023-present

B.S Eng. Mechanics 2022, UIUC

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Xiyuan Wang

ME, 09/2023 - Present

B.S ME 2023, HFUT, China

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Daniel Zhan

Robotics & Autonomous Systems, 11/23-present

Engineering Physics & Computer Science, Cornell University

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Siyuan Sun
M.S.E, ME, 8/2023-present
B.S, Aerospace Engineering 2023, OSU

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Wenxuan Zheng
M.S.E, ME, 8/2023-present
B.S, ME, 2022, BUPT, China

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Undergraduate Students

Yu Xiao

ME, 1/2019-present

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Kyungmo Choi

ME, 2/2023-present

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Luna Liu

CS, 2/2023-present

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Daniel Collum
ME, 11/2023-present

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Bill Wang

ME & CS, 1/2024-present

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Matthew Dao

ME, 1/2024-present

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High School Students


Qihan Xuan, PhD 2017-2024

Now System Analyst at Intuitive Surgical

Dissertation: Physics modeling of strenuous ground self-righting and cluttered large obstacle traversal PDF


Qiyuan Fu, PhD 2017-2023

Now postdoc at EPFL with Auke Ijspeert

Dissertation: Snake and snake robot locomotion in complex 3-D terrain PDF


Ratan Othayoth, PhD 2016-2021

Now postdoc at HHMI Janelia Research Campus with Rob Johnson

Dissertation: Kinetic energy fluctuation-driven locomotor transitions on potential energy landscapes of beam obstacle traversal and ground self-righting, PDF


Sean Gart, postdoc 2016-2018

Now Research Scientist at Army Research Lab, Autonomous Systems Division (permanent position)


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