Obtaining funding through fellowships allows you more freedom to work on topics that you are most interested in (besides adding prestige to your CV).

Email Prof. Li if you are interested in targeting one / discussing ideas for a proposal.


PhD candidates

Master’s students

  • There are limited opportunities for partial financial support via Teaching Assistantships

Undergraduate students

  • Research credits can be taken at 4 hrs of lab research per credit
  • There are competitive funding opportunities
    • JHU undergraduates: PURA, STAR
    • Non-JHU undergraduates: LCSR REU for summer internship (only for US citizens & permanent residents)
    • More here: 1, 23, 4
  • JHU WSE Undergraduate conference travel fund

Visiting students / scholars

  • Some governments / universities / departments may have funding one can apply to go abroad for research experience; please explore these opportunities. We are happy to host / support your application with a matching interest.
  • We do not have funding for visitors
  • We normally do not supervise Bachelor / Master / PhD thesis for non-JHU visiting students

For Prof. Li

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Student Travel Grants for attending conferences