Prof. Li would be glad to write strong letters of recommendation for students who worked hard and performed well in  research and have been good lab citizens.

One month before the earliest deadline, send Prof. Li:

  1. A list of schools you are applying to
  2. A 1-page, single spacing word document summarizing:
    • What you did in the lab
    • What strengths you think you demonstrated
    • What you aspire to do by taking this next step
    • Use third person (he/she did…)
  3. Letter requests from all schools all at once
    • Fill out Prof. Li’s title and contact information as much as possible:
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Mechanical Engineering
      Johns Hopkins University
      3400 N. Charles Street
      Hackerman Hall 126
      Baltimore, MD 21218
  4. Your updated resume/CV

Prof. Li will write a letter based on this information and submit them all at once.