Our lab postdoc, Sean Gart, “graduated” from the lab and is starting his permanent job at Army Research Lab as Mechanical Engineer in the Autonomous Systems Division.


As the first member to join the lab, Sean has made crucial contributions to the initial setup and ongoing research program of the lab.


Sean’s excellent work has earned him three very nice first-author journal papers in just two and half years.

  1. Gart SWMitchel TW, *Li C, Snakes use a novel, adaptive, partitioned gait to traverse large steps, Journal of Experimental Biology, in review
  2. Gart SWYan COthayoth RRen Z, *Li C (2018). Dynamic traversal of large gaps by insects and legged robots reveals a template, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 13, 026006 PDF
  3. Gart SW, *Li C (2018). Body-terrain interaction affects large bump traversal of insects and legged robots, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 13, 026005 PDF


Congratulations and best of luck, Sean!