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Propelling and perturbing appendages together facilitate strenuous ground self-righting

Locomotor transitions in the potential energy landscape-dominated regime

A terrain treadmill to study animal locomotion through large obstacles

Cockroaches adjust body and appendages to traverse cluttered large obstacles

SenSnake: A snake robot with contact force sensing for studying locomotion in complex 3-D terrain

A minimalistic stochastic dynamics model of cluttered obstacle traversal

Coordinated appendages help accumulate energy to self-right on the ground

Randomness in appendage coordination facilitates strenuous ground self-righting

Omni-Roach: A legged robot capable of traversing multiple types of large obstacles and self-righting

Snakes combine vertical and lateral bending to traverse uneven terrain

Continuous body 3-D reconstruction of limbless animals

Shape-induced obstacle attraction and repulsion during dynamic locomotion

An energy landscape approach to locomotor transitions in complex 3D terrain


Robotic modelling of snake traversing large, smooth obstacles reveals stability benefits of body compliance

Cockroaches use diverse strategies to self-right on the ground

Snakes partition their body to traverse large steps stably

Dynamic legged traversal of large gap and bump obstacles

Large gap traversal – First dynamic template for locomotion in 3-D terrain

Gart et al. 2018 Bioinsp. Biomim.

Large bump traversal – Locomotion energy landscape reveals mechanical principles

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Cockroach-inspired Winged Self-Righting Robot

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Terradynamic Streamlining Inspired by Cockroaches

Li et al. 2015, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics

Movie Archive (Chen Li’s PhD work; no longer active)