We presented research at Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology (SICB) 2018 Meeting in San Francisco on January 4-6.

  • Snakes traversing large step obstacles: kinematics and mechanics
  • Mitchel TWGart SW, Kim JS, Chirikjian GS, *Li C
  • Abstract
  • Snakes traversing large step obstacles: behavior, gait, and performance
  • Gart SWMitchel TW, *Li C
  • Abstract
  • Cockroaches change locomotor modes to traverse beam obstacles of varied stiffness
  • Othayoth R, *Li C
  • Abstract
  • Cockroach and robot locomotion reveals the need to integrate sensory feedback with body mechanics to traverse complex 3-D terrains
  • Han Y, *Li C
  • Abstract
  • Body vibrations induced by legged locomotion help traverse complex 3-D obstacles
  • Thoms G, *Li C
  • Abstract

Tommy Mitchel, Rick Han, Ratan Othayoth, Sean Gart, Chen Li