Name Degree / Program Placement Achievements
Postdocs Sean Gart PhD, Engr. Mech. Virginia Tech Army Research Lab, Auto. Sys. Div. 2 journal articles, 7 conference abstracts
Master students Tommy Mitchel ME MSE JHU ME PhD 4 conference abstracts
Hongtao Wu ME MSE SenseTime  
Changxin Yan ME MSE Magic Leap 1 journal article, 1 conference abstract
Soowon Kim ME MSE
Dongkai Wang ECE MSE Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute PhD
George Thoms ECE MSE City Year 5 conference abstracts
Zheliang Wang ME MSE JHU ME PhD 1 conference abstract
Jieming Bi ME MSE JHU CS MSE 1 conference abstract
Ratan Othayoth ME MSE JHU ME PhD 1 conference abstract
Christie Opiekun ME MSE READY Robotics
Undergrads Mario Antoun BME
Miles Liu ME    
Huidong Gao ME Berkeley ME PhD Robert George Gerstmyer Award, JHU ME department, for outstanding undergraduate achievement; 1 poster presentation
Daniel Hsu ME
Rafael de la Tijera Obert ME 1 conference abstract
Neil McCarter ME JHU Robotics MSE
Nastasia Winey ME MIT ME PhD 1 conference abstract
Dimitrios Nikitopoulos BME CMU ME MSE
Visiting undergrads Zhong Guan Hong Kong Polytech, Info. Sys. Engr.
Tim Greco Swarthmore EE
Blake Strebel Northwestern ME DMC 1 conference abstract; LCSR REU award
Zhiyu Zhang Tsinghua ME Boston U Sys Engr PhD
Jundong Yi Tsinghua ME CMU ME MSE
Nansong Yi U. Sci. Tech. China ME UW ME MSE 1 conference abstract
Changfan Chen Harbin Inst. Tech. ME JHU Robotics MSE
Qihan Xuan Peking Univ. Physics JHU ME PhD  2 conference abstracts
Yifu Luo Shanghai Jiao Tong ME Northwestern ME PhD 1 conference abstract
Yucheng Kang Tsinghua Automation JHU ME MSE 1 conference abstract
Siyuan Yu Tsinghua Automation Columbia CS MSE 1 conference abstract
High school students Evains Francois Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Ingenuity Program) Third place in the physical sciences at Baltimore Science Fair; Honorable mention at Baltimore Science Fair; Featured by Society for Science & The Public

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