Sean GartPhD, Engr. Mech. Virginia Tech1/2016-6/2018Army Research Lab, Auto. Sys. Div. (permanent position)3 papers, 8 abstracts

Graduate students

Yucheng KangME MSE8/2017-5/2019Bito Robotics
Yuanfeng HanME PhD5/2016-1/2019JHU ME PhD5 abstracts, 1 Best Student Paper finalist
Tommy MitchelME MSE9/2016-11/2018JHU ME PhD6 abstracts
Yulong WangME MSE5/2017-4/2018Google2 abstracts
Hongtao WuME MSE8/2017-5/2018SenseTime
Changxin YanME MSE1-11/2017Magic Leap1 paper, 1 abstract
Soowon KimME MSE8-9/2016, 5-10/2017
Dongkai Wang ECE MSE1-5/2017Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute PhD
George ThomsECE MSE5/2016-4/2017City Year5 abstracts
Zheliang WangME MSE9-12/2016JHU ME PhD1 abstract
Jieming BiME MSE6-10/2016Facebook1 abstract
Ratan OthayothME MSE1-8/2016JHU ME PhD1 abstract
Christie OpiekunME MSE1-4/2016READY Robotics

Undergraduate Students

Hubert LeoME10/2018-6/2019
Zhiyi (Allen) RenME2/2016-5/2018, 8/2018-3/2019Princeton MAE PhDCMU Robotics Institute Summer Scholar; JHU ME Bell Award and Gerstmyer Award; 1 paper & 3 abstracts
Dante NavarroBME10-12/2018
Mario AntounBME5-8/2018
Miles LiuME3-8/2018
Huidong (Mona) GaoME3-5/2017, 8/2017-5/2018Berkeley ME PhDJHU ME Gerstmyer Award; 1 poster presentation
Daniel HsuME10/2016-5/2017, 9-12/2017MIT ME MSE
Rafael de la Tijera ObertME9/2016-5/2017, 9-12/2017JHU Robotics MSE1 abstract
Neil McCarterME12/2016-5/2017JHU Robotics MSE
Nastasia WineyME2-5/2016, 9/2016-5/2017MIT ME PhD1 abstract
Dimitrios NikitopoulosBME1-5/2016, 9/2016-4/2017CMU ME MSE

Visiting Students

Yaqing WangTsinghua ME7/2018-6/2019JHU ME PhD1 abstract
Xiangyu PengShanghai Jiao Tong ME7-10/2018Michigan Robotics MSE
Zhong GuanHong Kong Polytechnic U, Info Sys Engr6-8/2018CMU Robotics MSE
Tim GrecoSwarthmore EE6-8/2018UPenn ESE PhDLCSR REU award
Blake StrebelNorthwestern ME6-9/2018DMCLCSR REU award;
1 abstract
Nansong YiU Sci Tech China ME7-9/2017UW ME MSE1 abstract
Zhiyu ZhangTsinghua ME7-9/2017Boston U Sys Engr PhD
Jundong YiTsinghua ME7-9/2017CMU ME MSE
Changfan ChenHarbin IT Mechatronics7-9/2017JHU ME MSE
Qihan XuanPeking Physics7-9/2016JHU ME PhD2 abstracts
Yifu LuoShanghai Jiao Tong ME7-9/2016Northwestern ME PhD1 abstract
Yucheng KangTsinghua Automation7-8/2016JHU ME MSE1 abstract
Siyuan YuTsinghua Automation7-8/2016Columbia CS MSE1 abstract

High School Students

Evains FrancoisBaltimore Polytechnic Institute (Ingenuity Program)7/2017-8/2018Northwestern Engr BS3rd Place (Physical Sciences) & Honorable Mention, Baltimore Science Fair

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