Sean GartPhD, Engr. Mech.Army Research Lab, Auto. Sys. Div. 3 papers, 8 abstracts
Virginia Tech(permanent position)

Graduate students

Nikhil MurtyRobotics MSE
Huan LiuME MSE
Yucheng KangME MSEBito Robotics
Yuanfeng HanME PhDJHU ME PhD5 abstracts
1 Best Student Paper finalist
Tommy MitchelME MSEJHU ME PhD6 abstracts
Yulong WangME MSEGoogle2 abstracts
Hongtao WuME MSESenseTime
Changxin YanME MSEMagic Leap1 paper, 1 abstract
Soowon KimME MSE
Dongkai Wang ECE MSETsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen PhD
George ThomsECE MSECity Year5 abstracts
Zheliang WangME MSEJHU ME PhD1 abstract
Jieming BiME MSEFacebook1 abstract
Ratan OthayothME MSEJHU ME PhD1 abstract

Undergraduate Students

Daniel DengME
Owen FriesenME
Hubert LeoME
Zhiyi RenMEPrinceton MAE PhD1 paper & 3 abstracts
CMU RISS, JHU ME Bell & Gerstmyer
Dante NavarroBME
Mario AntounBME
Miles LiuMEJHU Robotics MSE
Huidong GaoMEBerkeley ME PhDJHU ME Gerstmyer, 1 poster presentation
Rafael de la Tijera ObertMEJHU Robotics MSE1 abstract
Neil McCarterMEJHU Robotics MSE
Nastasia WineyMEMIT ME PhD1 abstract
Dimitrios NikitopoulosBMECMU ME MSE

Visiting Students

Ryan UtzUMD College Park MELCSR REU
Yifeng ZhangTsinghua Engr. Mech.JHU ME MSE
Yaqing WangTsinghua MEJHU ME PhD1 abstract
Xiangyu PengShanghai Jiao Tong MEMichigan Robotics MSE
Zhong GuanHong Kong Polytechnic UCMU Robotics MSE
Info Sys Engr
Tim GrecoSwarthmore EEUPenn ESE PhDLCSR REU
Blake StrebelNorthwestern MEDMC1 abstract, LCSR REU
Xingguo SongSouthwest Jiaotong University ME
Xuwen WangEast China Jiaotong University, Physics
Nansong YiU Sci Tech China MEUW ME MSE1 abstract
Zhiyu ZhangTsinghua MEBoston U Sys Engr PhD
Jundong YiTsinghua MECMU ME MSE
Changfan ChenHarbin IT MechatronicsJHU ME MSE
Qihan XuanPeking PhysicsJHU ME PhD2 abstracts
Yifu LuoShanghai Jiao Tong MENorthwestern ME PhD1 abstract
Yucheng KangTsinghua AutomationJHU ME MSE1 abstract
Siyuan YuTsinghua AutomationColumbia CS MSE1 abstract

High School Students

Evains FrancoisBaltimore Polytechnic Institute Northwestern3rd Place in Physical Sciences
Ingenuity ProjectEngr BSHonorable Mention
Baltimore Science Fair

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